BMC Catalog Manager for DB2 – Commands Quick Reference Card (PDF)

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We’re pleased to present the BMC Catalog Manager for DB2 – Commands Quick Reference Card, authored by Gernot Ruban in 2012.

This reference card provided to you as PDF file, provides a detailed overview of the commands available in the BMC Catalog Manager for DB2, including their descriptions and functionalities. It covers a wide range of operations from generating SQL statements, auditing logs, batch processing, binding packages, to managing DB2 subsystems. Each command is meticulously described to aid users in efficiently managing their DB2 environments.

Key commands detailed in this reference include:

  • ALTER: Generates an SQL ALTER statement for an object.
  • APPLY: Creates SQL statements using a model with host variables substituted from the DB2 catalog.
  • AUDIT: Displays rows from the CATALOG MANAGER Audit Log table.
  • BIND: Generates BIND statements for plans, packages, or DBRMs.
  • BROWSE: Calls the CATALOG MANAGER data editing feature to browse data in a selected table or view.
  • CREATE: Displays a panel for input options to create an object, supporting the creation of similar objects with CREATE LIKE.
  • DROP: Generates an SQL DROP statement for a specified object with options for drop recovery.

We hope this „historical“ document will be as useful to you now as it was when it was first created. Feel free to explore and download the PDF file.

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