New-function APARs for Db2 13 in 2024

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The 2024 updates for IBM DB2 for z/OS 13 have introduced several notable new functions and enhancements through APARs (Authorized Program Analysis Reports), further strengthening its database management capabilities. These enhancements span across various aspects of DB2, from authorization enhancements to performance improvements, providing more granular control and flexibility for database administrators and users.

One significant update is the introduction of more granular filtering for monitoring secure connectivity with DB2 13 profiles tables, allowing rules enforcement for specific network portions by specifying IP addresses or domain names​ (IBM TechXchange)​. Another update enhances recovery delay identification for pages, aiding prompt location of the page and the object it belongs to, thereby helping in efficiently managing GRECP recovery delays​ (IBM TechXchange)​.

Additionally, a notable enhancement is made to prevent overlooking active log full conditions, by keeping the last message highlighting an active log data set being full, on the console until resolved​ (IBM TechXchange)​. Separate control over the collection interval for LOCATION statistics has also been introduced, improving the collection flexibility for statistics in IFCIDs 365, 411, and 412​ (IBM TechXchange)​.

Function level 504 was activated, introducing capabilities such as minimized impact of invalidated packages with statement-level invalidation, increased capacity for Db2 trace, utility object-level history, and enhancements for SQL Data Insights​ (IBM TechXchange)​.

Furthermore, control of fast index traversal processing has been improved, increasing the frequency of Db2 13 reads for newly inserted rows in the SYSIBM.SYSINDEXCONTROL table, thus enhancing the management of fast index traversals​ (IBM TechXchange)​. Enhancements have also been made to allow users with the DISPLAY privilege to issue DISPLAY PROFILE and DISPLAY DYNQUERYCAPTURE commands, making these commands more consistent with other DISPLAY commands in Db2 13​ (IBM TechXchange)​.

These updates are part of IBM’s continuous delivery model for Db2 13 for z/OS, ensuring that the platform remains robust, secure, and ahead in terms of technology and features. For a comprehensive understanding of all new capabilities introduced in Db2 13 and detailed information on each APAR, visit the IBM community posts and documentation​ (IBM)​​ (IBM TechXchange)​.

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