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Join the first ever Data Tech Summit Europe event at the IBM Boeblingen Lab, Germany. Successful digital transformation demands integration between your AI and hybrid cloud strategy – with data at the core.

Hear about our latest breakthrough developments on Db2 13,  generative AI, watsonx, Hybrid Cloud, Data Fabric, Db2 Tools and more. This is your opportunity to gain insights on how to define the infrastructure needed to drive your current and future business requirements.

Link to the Detailed Agenda

Keynote Speakers:

• watsonx, generative AI, and data – make the most of your Data & AI investments? – Namik Hrle, IBM Fellow, Vice President Data & AI Development

• Db2 for z/OS core to enterprise hybrid cloud – Haakon Roberts, IBM Data & AI CTO, Director Db2 for z/OS Development, Akiko Hoshikawa, Db2 Distinguished Engineer

• and Db2 for z/OS – Daniel Martin, IBM Director and CTO for IDAA, Db2 Data Gate and OpenPages

Tuesday Afternoon & Wednesday

• 20+ more sessions from lab & industry experts

• The latest on Db2 13, Db2 AI, Db2 Tools & Utilities,, Best Practices, Client Success, Cost Savings Strategies and more

• Hands-on labs and workshops

• Expert Panel to Address All Your Questions

• Meet the Lab Reception Tuesday Evening

Event Location: 

IBM Boeblingen Lab – Schoenaicherstr. 220 – D-71032 Boeblingen, Germany


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