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  • Oracle Documentation Index: This page contains links to the most current documentation for products, including the former Sun products.

Miscellaneous stuff

Job Scheduling on Windows - White Paper (last modified 2014-03-01 by Gernot)
The purpose of the white paper is to compare mainframe-based and distributed-based job schedulers and to assess the readiness of Microsoft Windows-based job scheduling technology to manage workloads at the enterprise level. The paper can also help IT...

Automated STROBE measurement reports and alerts (last modified 2013-12-05 by Gernot)
Project Title: Automated STROBE batch measurement reports and alerts Subject: Instead of ad-hoc or permanent monitoring, an individual solution based on Compuware's STROBE will periodically monitor distinct address spaces at distinct time and du...

How to determine PUT level of BMC products (last modified 2013-11-28 by Gernot)
Do you want to determine the maintenance level of you BMC software products? BMC Software updates all mainframe deliverables at regular intervals. The Program Update Tape (PUT) system makes available the latest service and maintenance for BMC Soft...

Shell to send mails via sendmail (last modified 2013-10-10 by Gernot)
The following script references "Perl module – function package used by DBA Perl scripts" The following very simple script is just a small frame for sending mail via network from command level or as a service for other scripts. [cray...

SQL to retrieve DB2 subsystem information - update for DB2 10 z/OS (last modified 2012-10-04 by Gernot)

How to retrieve JCC version (last modified 2012-08-15 by Gernot)
You need to check the version of your Java Combined Client (JCC) installed? Try this way: [crayon-5357617747100651630066/] All DB2 JDBC Driver versions, see here! More information on DB2, Java, JDBC and JCC.

Comparing the architectural differences between DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for LUW (last modified 2012-04-09 by Gernot)
"Breaking the DB2 Platform Barrier" Comparing the Architectural Differences Between DB2 UDB for z/OS And DB2 UDB LUW Quest Software, Inc. Published in 2009 but one of the best overviews for DB2 "newbies" and staff working on both platform...

NLS and unicode support (last modified 2012-03-15 by Gernot)
  Understanding DB2 Universal Database character conversion (IBM, PDF) DB2 UDB National Language Support for the Command Line Processor and Utilities (IBM,PDF) When code page conversion occurs (DB2 V9.7 Info Center) ...

Data Aging Tools (last modified 2012-02-23 by Gernot)
Data Aging Tools are usually instrument of development or test environments to change the age of test data, to make them younger or older. In particular, data are systematically adjusted to a desired point on the timeline concerning their chronolo...

Overview relational und object-oriented database systems (last modified 2012-02-23 by Gernot)