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Code, samples, snippets …

Code, samples, snippets DB2 for Linux/Unix/Windows and more ...

Loading DB2 z/OS data into DB2 LUW in internal format (last modified 2014-03-27 by Gernot)
SQL playing with user id's (last modified 2014-03-18 by Gernot)
Shell to send mails via sendmail (last modified 2013-10-10 by Gernot)
Shell script to execute commands at all DB2 instances (last modified 2013-03-30 by Gernot)
Starting and stopping an CLI and JDBC trace in a shell environment (last modified 2013-03-30 by Gernot)
Perl Script to list or terminate DB2 connections (last modified 2013-02-07 by Gernot)
Perl Script to generate useful tablespace statements (last modified 2013-02-07 by Gernot)
How to retrieve JCC version (last modified 2012-08-15 by Gernot)
Perl Script to verify DBI and DBD::DB2 installation (last modified 2012-06-22 by Gernot)
Perl script - DB2 Configuration Parameter Tool (last modified 2012-06-22 by Gernot)
Shell Script - set DB2 environment (last modified 2012-06-20 by Gernot)
Perl statements to generate (DB2) timestamp (last modified 2012-06-18 by Gernot)
Perl Script to archive, remove, compress files (last modified 2012-03-13 by Gernot)
Perl module - function package used by DBA Perl scripts (last modified 2012-03-13 by Gernot)
Perl Script - DB2 Backup, Restore, List Backup and Backup Script Creation (last modified 2012-02-15 by Gernot)
Shell Script xmpDB2Util - Frame for DB2 utilities which connect to database (last modified 2012-02-09 by Gernot)