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DB2 9.5 for LUW and some tools withdrawn from marketing

Software withdrawal: DB2 and Infosphere Warehouse 9.5 including coordinated Federation Server

IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa Withdrawal Announcement ZP12-0567
November 13, 2012

Withdrawl from marketing date: 2013-02-13

Perl Script to generate useful tablespace statements provides following functions:

  • creates CREATE TABLESPACE statements for existing database
  • creates REDIRECTED RESTORE statements for a database you possibly want to or need to recover at a remote site
  • creates ALTER TABLESPACE statements to reduce tablespace size and/or to lower the high water mark. Action depends on type of tablespace: Automatic storage, SMS and DMS tablespaces are supported.

Options supported: (Invoke script w/o parms will show all possible parameters)

[perl] -d db [-u parm -p parm] -f file [-t {RESTORE|CREATE|AUTOSIZE} -o {CURRENT|HWM}] [-g nn] [-s pattern] [-ns pattern]

  • -d database
  • -u User (opt. if exists in environment 1)
  • -p Password (opt. if exists in environment 1)
  • -f output file receiving all the generated statements
  • -t type of statement to generate (opt)
  • -o current allocation or HWM (High Water Mark) (opt.)
  • -g fill-meter (AUTOSIZE target usage %) or growth (additional uplift % on HWM) (opt.)
  • -s tablespace name pattern (opt.)
  • -ns single tablespace name exclude pattern (opt.),

Using patterns, examples and usage comments:

  • -ns patt Do not use replace chars like ‘*’ or ‘%’\n”.
  • -s ‘patt1|patt2′ Imbed multiple patterns in (double) quotes
  • -ns patt1 -s patt2 Paired patterns work like OR condition

1 See library for details on how to optionally deposit user and password, used in perl scripts, in user’s profile.