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How to retrieve JCC version

You need to check the version of your Java Combined Client (JCC) installed? Try this way:

All DB2 JDBC Driver versions, see here!

More information on DB2, Java, JDBC and JCC.

No harmony between DB2 10 and Data Studio 3.1.1

Customers who want to make use of extended EXPLAIN need to adapt and execute a DB2 10 sample job from SDSNSAMP library. IBM delivers a job called DSNTESC to create a set of 20 EXPLAIN tables required.

Because Visual Explain is deprecated and OSC (Optimization Service Center) does not support DB2 10 Unicode explain table, users of DB2 9 or 10 for z/OS will install the lastest version of Data Studio 3.1.1. (See

Strange behavior! Be prepared to make some manual corrections which need DBA authorization.

Data Studio 3.1.1 Full Client, the most current version, requires 2 more tables:

The database name AOCQTDB is hard-coded and required by Data Studio 3.1.1. You cannot skip that point.

As already described above, DSNTESC creates a set of 20 tables:

Data Studio 3.1.1 then requires a DSN_STATEMENT_CACHE_TABLE with 48 columnns. Users of DS first have to drop the existing DSN_STATEMENT_CACHE_TABLE before DS recreates it and the corresponding DSN_STATEMENT_CACHE_AUX again.

DS also requires one more table that is not part of the DSNTESC sample job on SDSNSAMP: The DSN_USERQUERY_TABLE and its corresponding DSN_USERQUERY_TABLE_AUX.

Sloppy work!