Donnerstag, 24 of April of 2014

New IBM Redbook: Unleashing DB2 10 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows – special offer

This book is for database administrators and application developers who are considering DB2 10 for a new installation, an upgrade from a previous version of DB2, or a migration from a vendor product. It explains key features and illustrates concepts with real-world examples to provide a clear idea of how powerful these features are.
Together, these features provide functionality that lower operational costs, ease development, and provide greater reliability.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides a broad understanding of the key features in IBM DB2® 10 and how to use these features to get more value from business applications. It includes information about the following features:

  • Time Travel Query, which you use to store and retrieve time-based data by using capability built into DB2 10, without needing to build your own solution
  • Adaptive compression, an enhanced compression technology that adapts to changing data patterns, yielding extremely high compression ratios
  • Multi-temperature storage, which you may use to optimize storage costs by identifying and managing data based on its “temperature” or access requirements
  • Row and column access control, which offers security access enforcement on your data, at the row or column level, or both
  • Availability enhancements, which provide different DB2 availability features for different enterprise needs; high availability disaster recovery (HADR) multiple-standby databases provide availability and data recovery in one technology, and the IBM DB2 pureScale® Feature provides continuous availability and scalability that is transparent to applications
  • Oracle compatibility, which allows many applications written for Oracle to run on DB2, virtually unchanged
  • Ingest utility, a feature-rich data movement utility that allows queries to run concurrently with minimal impact on data availability

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Redbook as PDF-File is available here.