Donnerstag, 17 of April of 2014

Documents of the 2012′s BMC DB2 and Mainview User Meeting

Find below the free documents of the annual BMC DB2 and Mainview User Meeting in Munich, June 2012.

The Evolution of the Mainframe: Meeting the Business Requirements of the Future
Nick Pachnos, BMC Software
DB2 Track:
Mainview for DB2 10.1
Peter Plevka, BMC Software
MIPS Aufrüstung vermeiden
Hubertus Beucke, Beucke Unternehmensberatung
DB2 Backup and Recovery – Features you should already be exploiting
Ken McDonald, BMC Software
TRANSFORM your schema changes the fastest way possible
Chris Düllmann, BMC Software
DB2 V 10.1 NFM for z/OS Migration Project 41 Sysplex Groups, 137 Data Sharing Member
Peter Pätsch, Konrath + Pätsch Consultants
Data Surgery and Data Replication by Log Master for DB2
Ken McDonald, BMC Software
Mainview Track:
How to Monitor the z196
Yves Colliard, YCOS
Reduzierung von Spitzenlast MIPS
Peter Plevka, BMC Software
MVSRM – More than Stop-X37
Josef Domes, BMC Software
BMC Mainview Console Management for zEnterprise (aka IOConcepts)
Axel Griepenstroh, BMC Software
Mainview Roadmap
Jürgen Hofmann, BMC Software